What do you know about exfoliation? 

  Everyone knows about exfoliating right? Wrong. The extent of most people’s knowledge is that it’s the scrubby stuff you use on your face because that skin lady told you to. Exfoliating is a crucial step in skin care, one that most people skip because they don’t think that their skin needs it. But it does. Do you use face masks? Who doesn't! But guess what, you need to exfoliate before otherwise it probably isn’t actually doing much for your skin. Exfoliation lifts away the dead skin cell, dirt, and oil to allow new cell production. So when you’re using all of your cleansers, masks and serums that should make your skin all glowy and smooth it’s now sitting onto of dead cells that don’t need it…because they're dead. Gently lifting away dead skin cells before applying your products will allow them to penetrate deeper into your skin for a more noticeable and  long lasting difference. Are you supposed to exfoliate every day? No, let’s not scrub off ALL of our skin. Two to three times a week should do it.

Here’s an example of how important exfoliation is. I have combination, highly reactive skin, that hyper-pigmentates. What that means is I have kinda oily kinda flakey skin that gets reallllllly mad if I don’t give it what it needs or try to use something new, then leaves dark spots that are a pain in the butt to get rid of. So what do I do? I use a gentle cleaner, an exfoliator three times a week, a toner, a lightening serum, and a purifying serum (that doubles as my moisturizer). For some people, I know that sounds like a lot but if it means that I can be confident on days that I don’t wear makeup, and I don’t have to be afraid of it not lasting the days I do, then I'm all in! Using the lightening serum, I just dab on a little where I need it making sure that the only thing I'm lightening are the dark spots. Putting lighteners all over will lighten all over, duh right? So by only putting it on the areas that have darkened I can lighten them to match the rest of my skin. While using lighteners is a great way to inhibit pigmentation, you also want to get rid of the skin that hyper pigmented in the first place.

This is where exfoliation comes in. As the serum is working to make sure that the skin doesn’t darken, the exfoliator is helping to slowly, and gently, remove the problem areas. It is also removing excess dirt and oil helping to prevent future problems. By using an exfoliator three times a week and the lightening serum twice a day I have noticed a SIGNIFICANT difference is my skin whereas a family member, who is also using the lightening serum, with only once monthly exfoliation has not experienced the same level of progress. Just remember, gentle exfoliation is key. Find something with finely milled granules so that it won’t be too abrasive on your skin causing more harm than good.



What You Do Daily Really Matters

Recently, I have had experiences in Che Sguardo which prompts me to post this.


The importance of a skincare routine.  I have come to believe that people think that their cleansers and moisturizers are magical.  This is far from the truth!!!  A customer came in the other day and complained about her moisturizer not working, but she doesn't exfoliate AT ALL. It doesn't work that way.  You need to pay attention daily to the needs of your skin.  These needs can change daily.

You have spent gobs of money on very important ingredients for yourself.  Some of you spend more than $250.00 on moisturizing routines.  

For most of you this is going on top of dry, dead skin.  I'm sorry to say that. The epidermis(the outermost layers of cells compacted upon each other) is the boundary between our living cells and the external environment.  This layer must be kept healthy and smooth which is not accomplished by a moisturizer alone, but by your exfoliation(very gentle) and cleansing routine along with diet, water intake, exercise, etc.

Reviderm Skintelligence is definitely intelligent in the way you care for your skin day to day.  Cleansing gently, but thoroughly.  Exfoliating gently, but thoroughly.  Exercising your skin with a cinnamon-based mask, and using serums to deeply work on issues that you have with your skin.  THEN, and only then, comes the moisturizer.  AND, will work!!!!!!!!!  If you stop in, I will gladly give you samples to try out a real plan for younger and healthier skin.  


A Kiss from Che Sguardo/makeupstudio

The Kissing Kit

I must admit to an obsession


Let's agree, the creator of lips should be immensely commended, a pat on the back for a job well done.

So in honor of all the kissing that is destined to be done,

May we proudly announce Che Sguardo's "KISSING KIT".

included in this kit are 5 lip pencils to play, color, and enhance your lips/3 lip glosses including nude, pink, and a fun shimmer for each part of every day/1 RED lipstick that every girl needs and a lip brush

To round out these must haves, ladies, my new lip necessities-THE SMOOTHERS

Apply LIPJAO by Jao after a first kiss to keep those lips plump, moist, beautiful, and begging for more!  You may even wish to apply twice after a Valentines Day that you and he, will never forget.  But please, don't stop there.  Right before closing dreary eyes if wearing nothing else, don't forget your HYDRASTICK by Mustela.  Filled with moisturizing conditioners it's the perfect finale for flawlessly kissable lips after sunrise.  Every week take special care with Reviderm's Enzyme products to keep dry skin totally away.

These items are available in our beautiful HOLD ME bag for $170.00.  Everything you need for your lip wardrobe!


One of the best powder puffs you will find

Did you know that our Cinema Secrets Powder Puffs are made with a memory foam and are washable?

A powder puff is one of the finest tools of make-up application.  Sprinkle a little loose powder into the puff, and then rub the powder into the puff.  When you have folded the powder into the puff correctly, you won't be able to have any powder leave the puff when turned upside down.  Apply loose powder to the face in a kneading or rolling motion around the entire face and neck area(don't forget the ears). Remove the excess powder with a powder brush.  And there you have a very natural matte finish to your face.  Men can use this tip also as you don't look as if you have powder on at all, just a matte look to the skin.


Tangerines and Peaches

I'm just saying that we have the best array of tangerine to peaches and apricots for the summer.  Lips in beautiful tones to compliment the sun's passionate warmth.  Stop in, and I'll make you some samples to take with and try at your home.