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It’s about to be summer in Chicago and it's getting effing hotttt. Whether you’ve lived here your entire life or just moved to town you already know what I’m talking about. Hot, sticky, glorious summer in the city! While we all love enjoying the beach, Michigan Ave, and all the street fests that follow our skin might not. Summer time for me means sweat, oil, and breakouts. What do we do about that? SKIN CARE YALL. Most people worry more about a good skin care routine in the winter when your skin gets all dry and flaky. Skin care is so much more than just moisturizer in the winter. Summer skin care is so important, and fun!

We should always be double cleansing but during warmer months for me its KEY. I always take my makeup off first with a micellar water, Bioderma H20 is my go to. It’s sensitive enough for any skin type and everyday use. Once my presentable face has been removed, I use a light and airy foaming cleanser from Reviderm. This cleaner is great for someone with troubled or reactive skin and leaves you feeling squeaky clean. If your skin is typically a bit drier Reviderm has an amazing milky cleaner made with peach extract that is heaven. Next I use a toner to help shrink my pores and restore my skins pH balance. Environmental and physical factors can cause your skins pH to get out of wack which means it works overtime to balance itself out. For me that means more oil, which trust me I don’t need. Reviderm Gentle pH Balancer is my favorite toner to keep my skin smooth and balanced. It also leaves me with this slight tingly feeling that I love.

So I’ve double cleansed and toned, now comes my favorite part, exfoliating. IT FEELS SO GOOD! I love exfoliating in general but after a full day wearing makeup running all over the city in 90 degree heat nothing, and I mean nothing, feels better than getting off all those dead skin cells and letting your face breathe. Right now I’m using Reviderm Enzyme Liquid and Enzyme Paste. This is a two step exfoliator that starts with a liquid that gets deep down using sugar enzymes to loosen the dead skin cells followed by a paste, also with sugar enzymes and kaolin, to lift them away and soothe. My skin never feels softer AND these products improve your skins ability to absorb other products.

My final step is either a moisturizer or serum. It’s summer and I already have oily skin, I don’t need both. If I go serum I use a purifying serum by Cinq Mondes which is light enough for even my skin type.It has black cumin seed oil which is calming, anti-inflammatory and helps to regulate oil production, hemp oil which is rich in omega 3 and 6 to repair damage, and rosemary for its antibacterial properties. If I decide on a cream moisturizer, in the summer I use Bioderma Sebium Mat Control. This is a super light, obviously mattifying, moisturizer that doesn’t clog my pores. THE END. If you’re someone who isn’t really into skin care I know it seems like a lot but keeping my skin in good shape means I’m less likely to wear a full face of makeup thats just going to melt half off by midday anyway. 


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