LED light treatments helped save my skin

  Since I was in junior high I’ve struggled with acne and hyper-pigmentation. I never wanted to leave the house without full makeup on and would always be sure to not go under water when I was swimming and wake up before anyone else at a sleepover to make sure that my makeup was still on from the night before. If you’re thinking “well that's going to make you break out even more” you’re totally right. Because it did. More breakouts which meant more scaring which meant more makeup.. you get it, it’s a cycle. I had tried so many things to clean my skin but nothing seemed to last long enough and would only fade the scars partially. Our esthetician wanted to try LED light after each of my monthly, sometimes biweekly, treatments and a few times in-between. At first I didn’t think it did much of anything besides feeling like a face massage until I finally decided to look at my skin, really look, before just loading up with camouflage.

My skin felt smoother and less red, my cystic acne was flatter, and my scars were disappearing! I honestly couldn’t believe that all of that was happening from some light that felt like nothing. I finally decided to have her explain to me what this was actually doing for me. There are red and blue lights, we alternated depending on how my skin looked, that penetrate deep into the skin to help stimulate cell and collagen reproduction which is great for anti-aging and reducing hyper-pigmentation/sun damage while the blue light is antibacterial to reduce acne. These treatments in combination with my daily skin care routine and monthly more intensive treatments were AUH-MAZING. Now days, I still wear makeup when I go to work or am heading out with my friends but I can actually leave the house to run errands or wakeup next to my boyfriend with a clean face!


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